Circle Payments, Payouts and Accounts

Build your
unified digital payments platform with USDC

Leverage the power of digital assets with a stable, secure bridge between traditional payment rails and the evolving blockchain ecosystem.

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Digital payments to fuel your growth

Connect with customers who want to pay with both digital currency and via traditional methods, and send USDC payments across many blockchains to vendors, suppliers, customers and others. Circle helps you own your user experience, build an end-to-end platform and open your business to the world with digital payments and treasury. All available via easy API integration.

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Accept digital currency

& traditional fiat payments

Reach new markets by giving your customers more ways to pay with our Payments solution. Accept card, bank and crypto payments globally through one powerful integration. All transactions settle in USDC in your Circle Account.


Traditional Payments
Credit and debit cards Apple Pay* and Google Pay* ACH, SEPA* and wire transfers Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) Signet
*in limited beta

Send programmable 

global payouts

Automate payouts to customers, suppliers and vendors anywhere via traditional and blockchain rails with our Payouts solution. USDC payouts enable businesses to send value at the speed of the internet, saving on costs and reducing payout time from days to nearly instantly.

Payout via

Digital Dollars
Traditional Methods
ACH and SEPA* Wire transfers Visa Payout Network
*in limited beta

Embed digital asset 
flows into any project

Empower your users to fund their accounts with the currency of their choice, while facilitating peer-to-peer transactions and enabling easy funds transfers across numerous accounts. Our Accounts solution enables internal ledger management, on- and off-chain transfers that streamline costs, and secure custody of digital assets via a branded, wallet-like customer experience.

Circle Account

Your home for business growth

Accelerate your global growth by accessing USD Coin (USDC) straight from the source. Eliminate complexity with a single platform for payments, treasury and custody. Manage your merchant activity through an intuitive dashboard that helps you protect your accounts from fraud, create reports for taxes and accounting and monitor transactions for sub-accounts.