Purpose-built for payments

Stellar is an open and interoperable payment and currency system, a leader in cross-border payments, and a nonprofit foundation with a powerful mission of global financial inclusion. The Stellar network is fast, secure and low-cost, with transaction speeds of 3-5 seconds and average cost per transaction of $0.0001.

Stellar USDC

Stellar USDC combines the power and inclusivity of the Stellar network with the world’s fastest-growing digital dollar stablecoin, USDC. Stellar USDC enables seamless, instant and low-cost cross-border payments as well as next-gen treasury management solutions, and is already supported via platforms like FinClusive, Cowrie, DSTOQ, and Settle. Within one week of the launch of Stellar USDC in Q1 2021, the network had already seen 5.5M Stellar USDC in total supply, more than 715 accounts with trustlines created, and more than $1M in trades.

Stellar USDC Activity

A message from the Stellar Development Foundation

Hear from our recent conversation with Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of The Stellar Development Foundation.

Accessing Stellar USDC

There are a few ways to access Stellar USDC: The Circle Account and Circle’s Multichain Authorized Distributor Program. It’s easy to get started with either.


Open a Circle Account

Signing up is simple. Provide your business’ information, and we’ll get the approval process started!

Create a deposit

Once you’re approved for a Circle Account, you can deposit funds via credit card, wire or ACH.

Choose Stellar USDC

Easily choose your preferred version of USDC. Once Stellar USDC is in your Circle Account, you can send it anywhere in the world instantly via the power of digital dollars. Or, settle back into fiat via wire transfer or ACH.

USDC Multichain Authorized Distributor Program

Designed to meet the needs of wallets, exchanges, custodians and other digital dollar stablecoin applications, reduce the friction to convert USDC across supported chains at no cost in our Multichain USDC Swap API.