Stellar USDC | Use USDC as a Native Asset on Stellar

Experience the power of Stellar USDC

Stellar USDC combines the power and inclusivity of the Stellar network with one of the world’s most widely used dollar digital currencies. Stellar USDC enables seamless, near- instant, low-cost cross-border payments, fiat on/off ramping, and bulk payment disbursements. Stellar USDC is leveraged by many prominent projects and organizations including those listed below. To date, Stellar USDC supply has already grown past $83 million, with a total payment volume of more than $4.2 billion and nearly 500,000+ accounts with trust lines created.1

A message from the Stellar Development Foundation

Hear our recent conversation with Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of The Stellar Development Foundation.

Accessing Stellar USDC

You can access Stellar USDC through a free Circle Mint account, via cryptocurrency exchanges and through dApps. Regardless of your choice, it’s easy to get started.



Open a Circle Mint account

Signing up is simple. Provide your business information, and we’ll get the approval process started.


Create a deposit

Once you’re approved, you can deposit funds via wire transfer.


Choose Stellar USDC

Easily choose your preferred version of USDC. Once Stellar USDC is in your Circle Mint account, you can send it anywhere in the world instantly on-chain, swap across blockchains through your Circle Mint account and via API, and settle back into fiat via wire transfer.

Swap USDC across chains

Programmatically move USDC from one chain to another. Circle APIs make it easy for wallets, exchanges, custodians and more to rebalance their holdings of USDC across supported chains at no additional cost.
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Maximize your vision. Do more with USDC.

As an open-source, programmable dollar with global reach, USDC is powerful market infrastructure you can begin building with immediately. Circle exists to make it even faster and easier for developers to realize their vision for USDC.

1. As of June 6 2023, See More