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Reach more customers, deepen connections with creators and amplify yields on working capital

As NFTs become more mainstream, crypto-natives and mainstream users are clamoring for access. Circle can securely bridge the gap between traditional banking systems and many of the world’s leading blockchains, so you can efficiently open your marketplace to the world and serve both audiences, while boosting returns on working capital.
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How we do it

Your free Circle Account and our leading API suite are the fastest, easiest way to access USD Coin (USDC), the world’s most trusted dollar digital currency. All working together and enabling powerful new ways for you to reach new customers, create delightful user experiences and optimize excess funds.
payouts api

Easily pay out funds to your creators

Send fast, automatic payments to your creators and deepen their connections with your marketplace. Our Payouts API lets you automate payment workflows and broadens your reach through our supported blockchains and into 80+ countries on traditional payment rails. We can help you reach almost any seller, anywhere.
usd coin

Trust, transparency & compliance

USDC is fully backed by cash and short-dated U.S. government obligations, so that it is always redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars. Each month, we publish attestation reports by Grant Thornton regarding the reserve balances backing USDC. We are also a licensed money transmitter in 46 U.S. states, plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

global payments

Broaden your customer base beyond borders

Make buying, selling and storing NFTs simple while increasing transaction speeds and connecting with customers who want to pay via traditional methods. Our Payments API and relationships with major credit card companies make it easy for customers to transact with you across card, ACH and wires, alongside crypto payments denominated in USDC, BTC and ETH.3 And our Accounts API allows you to easily create and manage accounts for your customers so you can customize your own marketplace experience.

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