Wire payouts

Wire payouts

$25 per payout

Wire reversal

Circle does not charge a fee for Wire reversals but Circle does debit any fees charged by the related financial institution from the returned settlement amount. These fees can vary based on the financial institution. Possible reasons for reversals include, but are not limited to, missing or misspelled reference numbers or attempting to payout an amount in excess of any agreed upon limits.

Contract term

12 month term

Banking partner fees

If you pay out funds in another currency, Circle’s banking partners may charge you a currency conversion fee and your tokenization will be converted at the then applicable currency conversion rate of Circle’s banking partners.


Circle may impose soft weekly limits on transaction volume in order to gauge operational requirements. If you require a limit increase, reach out to sales@circle.com. Circle does not impose transaction size limits.


Circle requires KYC of all end users who are recipients of a payout. Circle has enacted a framework to rely upon our customers to perform these activities. If the requirements are met, Circle will not require any additional KYC to be performed.