Wire details

Contract term

12 month term

Billing mechanics

Monthly subscription billing starts in the month of signing.

Variable fees are debited at time of settlement, meaning funds are settled to the Circle Business Account net of Circle fees


Once wire funds settle with Circle, USDC is credited to the Customer’s Circle account in a matter of minutes.

Banking partner fees

If you wire funds in another currency, Circle’s banking partners may charge you a currency conversion fee and your tokenization will be converted at the then applicable currency conversion rate of Circle’s banking partners. You may also incur fees from your own bank. For this reason, you should instruct your users to denominate your wire transfer in US Dollars so that you know exactly how much USDC you will receive in respect of a given conversion into USDC.

Transaction size & volume limits

Circle does not impose blunt transaction size limits or daily / weekly / monthly volume limits on our customers, because we want you to completely own your user experience and optimize your risk profile as you see fit for your business.