Card details

Credit & debit card chargebacks

Customers are billed $15 per Chargeback. Amounts are directly debited from their Circle Account. If the business account holds insufficient funds to cover chargeback losses, it will be debited from future transaction volume.

*Please contact Sales and refer to the Payment Services Agreement for policies regarding Chargeback risk

Contract term

12 month term

Billing mechanics

Monthly subscription billing starts in the month of signing.

Variable fees are debited at time of settlement, meaning funds are settled to the Circle Business Account net of Circle fees


Funds typically settle within three business days (T+3) of payment initiation. However, there may be delays, including but not limited to delays caused by factors outside of Circle’s control such as currency conversion, bank holidays, operational issues, technical issues and Payment Processing Partner or other financial institution delays

Issuer & banking partner fees

If your customers do not reside in the UK or EEA, the issuers of their Debit or Credit cards may charge an additional fee for an international transaction. To improve our customer experience and reduce potential friction related to fees, Circle is working to add additional processing partners in local jurisdictions. Please contact sales for more information on timelines.

Transaction size & volume limits

Circle does not impose blunt transaction size limits or daily / weekly / monthly volume limits on our customers, because we want you to completely own your user experience and optimize your risk profile as you see fit for your business. During onboarding, you will consult with our risk experts and strategize on the optimal way to rollout and fight fraud for your business.