ACH details


ACH is only one of the rails you will have access to; subscription fees for Payments and Payouts products provide access to all supported fiat rails (ACH, Wire, Card) as well as USDC.

Reversal fees

Customers are billed $10 per failed or reversed transaction and $50 for unauthorized transactions. Amounts are directly debited from their Circle Account. If an account holds insufficient funds to cover fees, it will be debited from future transaction volume.

Contract term

12 months.

Geographic support


Billing mechanics

Monthly subscription billing starts in the month of signing.

Variable fees are debited at the time of settlement, meaning funds are settled to the Circle Account net of Circle fees.

Plaid partnership

Customers are required to integrate with Plaid to authenticate users’ third party bank accounts. End Users (consumers) are not required to integrate with Plaid. The Plaid integration requires a separate agreement; more information can be found here.

Transaction size & volume limits

Transactions (payments and payouts) are limited to $25,000 max per transaction, pending collection and retention of certain information for transactions greater than $3,000. There are no limits to the number of transactions per day.

Settlement & Timing

*ACH payments made by 8am Pacific will be processed that same day, and funds will be available in the Circle Account within 4 business days. ACH payouts made by 8am Pacific will be processed and funds should become available in the receiving account on the same day.