Your Circle Account is the doorway to digital dollar commerce

Every customer starts with a Circle Account. It's free. Access these features via a simple web interface.
Transfers out will incur a nominal fee to cover blockchain network costs. This fee rate fluctuates with the current fee environment at any point, and will be displayed prior to initiating a transaction. See here for supported currencies and chains.

Send and receive Digital Dollars

Transfer Digital Dollars to any whitelisted address.

Convert in digital dollars from your bank account

Connect your corporate bank account to your Circle Account.

Custody & insurance policy on all balances

Enterprise ready custody & security of digital currency.

Multichain support

Swap across any USDC supported blockchain or currency at no cost.

High yield accounts

Opt into a High Yield account across open and fixed term maturities.

coming soon*

Circle account

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*Yield is offered through Circle International Bermuda, Ltd. Not available in all jurisdictions
**Supported Countries listing here.