Experience the power of USDC on Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a layer 2 (L2) scaling solution for Ethereum that went live on mainnet in August 2021. Arbitrum uses Optimistic Rollups to increase the number of transactions that can be processed in parallel and reduce costs, while benefiting from the shared security of the layer 1 (L1) Ethereum blockchain.1 Arbitrum has a growing ecosystem of over 200 dApps and 8,000,000+ unique addresses.2

Accessing USDC on Arbitrum

Businesses can access USDC on Arbitrum from a free Circle Mint account, digital asset exchanges, and apps on Arbitrum. Regardless of your choice, it’s easy to get started. 



Open a Circle Account

Submit your business information via our sign up form and we’ll get the approval process started.


Create a deposit

Once approved, you can deposit funds into your Circle Account via wire transfer. All funds will settle seamlessly in USDC.


Choose USDC on Arbitrum

Easily withdraw USDC on Arbitrum and send it on-chain in seconds. Swap USDC natively from Ethereum to Arbitrum and back – without incurring costs or delays from third-party bridges. And you can always redeem USDC on Arbitrum 1:1 for US dollars.

Top USDC on Arbitrum apps

Builders choose USDC on Arbitrum for their users. Here are some examples of popular apps:


Yes, USDC is native to the Arbitrum blockchain and can be found at this contract address.

Bridged versions of USDC, such as USDC.e, are not supported by the Circle Account and Circle APIs. Depositing unsupported assets into the Circle Account may result in the permanent loss of funds.


To learn more about native USDC vs. bridged USDC, please see our blog.

Yes. Always. For every USDC in circulation, Circle holds a dollar worth of cash and cash-equivalent assets in reserve. Read more about the USDC reserve.

Yes, USDC on Arbitrum can be quickly and easily swapped to USDC on any other supported blockchain with the Circle Account and Circle APIs.

Swap USDC across chains

Programmatically move USDC from one chain to another. Circle APIs make it easy for wallets, exchanges, custodians and more to rebalance their holdings of USDC across supported chains at no additional cost.
usdc on blockchains

Maximize your vision. Do more with USDC.

As an open-source, programmable dollar with global reach, USDC is powerful market infrastructure you can begin building with immediately. Developers leverage Circle APIs to do even more with USDC.

Your starting place for USDC

Access USDC from the source

Circle Account provides businesses with fast and easy access to USDC directly from the source.

1. Optimistic Rollups, Arbitrum Documentation Center, https://developer.arbitrum.io/inside-arbitrum-nitro/#optimistic-rollup (Last accessed June 7, 2023)

2. Arbitrum Unique Addresses Chart, Arbiscan, https://arbiscan.io/chart/address, (Last accessed June 7, 2023)