Where to Get TRON USDC: A Guide for USDC TRC20 Via Exchanges

Where to Get TRON USDC: A Guide for USDC TRC20 Via Exchanges

Where to Get TRON USDC: A Guide for USDC TRC20 Via Exchanges

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In July of 2021, the Centre Consortium announced the addition of TRON to the expanding ecosystem of blockchains with native integration for USD Coin (USDC)

TRON has emerged as a global ecosystem for users and developers, with a significant presence in Asian markets. TRON’s high performance and active community have also made it an optimal network for stablecoin transactions. As of April, 4 2023, the circulating supply of USDC on TRON is over $500 million.

TRON USDC is now easily accessible from a variety of crypto exchanges. 

In this article, we will discuss TRON USDC, the crypto exchanges that support USDC as a TRC20 token, and the advantages of using USDC on TRON

What is TRON?

TRON is an open source, layer 1 blockchain designed for smart contracts and decentralized applications. TRON’s native token, TRX, fuels the blockchain’s protocol and reward system for delegators who verify transactions.

The TRON network has 3 key features that make it one of the most popular blockchain networks:

  1. High-throughput - TRON can process up to 2,000 transactions per second (TPS), with a new block every 3 seconds.
  2. High-scalability - The TRON ecosystem can grow in number of users and applications while maintaining fast speeds and low network costs.
  3. High-availability - TRON is reliable, and can become more decentralized over time. 

This is all achieved through TRON’s delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. Unlike proof-of-work (PoW), DPoS typically offers lower transaction cost during times of high network usage. 


What is USDC TRC20?

USDC TRC20 (TRON USDC) is the native token version of USDC issued on the TRON blockchain.

With USDC as a TRC20-based token, users are able to store and transact the stablecoin across TRON-based smart contracts, wallets, and applications. 

For comparison, TRC20 serves the same purpose for TRON that ERC20 serves for Ethereum. 


Things to Remember When Buying TRON USDC

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing USDC for TRON:

1. Choose a crypto exchange that supports USDC TRC20

To help foster greater adoption of digital currencies, USDC is available natively on a growing list of leading blockchains. With USDC available across multiple blockchains, the stablecoin is issued as several different tokens, such as Ethereum ERC20 (USDC ERC20), Solana SPL (USDC SPL), and TRON TRC20 (USDC TRC20).

Not all exchanges provide support for each USDC token. Before accessing a centralized exchange, make sure that it supports USDC as a TRC20 token. 

USDC that is native to another blockchain will not be compatible with TRON. Attempting to transfer these tokens on-chain could result in a failed transaction and the permanent loss of funds.

A list of crypto exchanges that support USDC TRC20 is included in this article.

2. On-ramp with fiat funds or use existing crypto balances

One of the greatest advantages to using exchanges is the ability to buy USDC with fiat, such as USD. For most exchanges, accounts can be funded with cash via debit card, credit card, or bank transfers. Refer to each exchange’s website for exact funding guidelines.

If a business already uses an exchange that supports USDC as a TRC20 token, it can complete a crypto-to-crypto trade with existing funds for TRON USDC, instead of depositing fiat. 

3. Take note of exchange fees

Some exchanges may charge fees when purchasing TRON USDC. There may also be subsequent fees when withdrawing USDC TRC20 to a crypto wallet. 

4. Use a TRC20 Wallet when moving TRON USDC on-chain

TRON USDC funds that are held in an exchange account are off-chain and can be transferred to an on-chain, TRC20-compatible wallet to access the TRON network. 

There are many TRON wallets available for storing USDC TRC20, including:

Exchanges that Support USDC-TRC20

If a business is using a new exchange to buy TRON USDC, it will first need to follow the required registration, identity verification, and account funding processes of that platform. Once those steps are completed, it will be ready to buy USDC TRC20 from one of the following exchanges.

TRON Applications that Utilize USDC

USDC can be found on these DeFi applications built on TRON.


Being widely accessible for purchase through exchanges, TRON USDC is a convenient option for storing, trading, and transacting digital currencies. 

Additionally, TRON provides a robust environment for stablecoin transacting. With the efficiency of TRC20 tokens, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies like USDC can be cheap and near instantaneous. TRON also provides a growing ecosystem for users looking to access the next generation of financial tools and services. 


1 Kim, Jonathan, July 30, 2018, Tron (TRX) Achieves 2000 TPS, Surpasses Ethereum, https://cryptoslate.com/tron-trx-achieves-2000-tps-surpasses-ethereum/, Last accessed February 15, 2023

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