What you need to know: Native USDC on OP Mainnet

USDC Multi-Chain

Welcome to #StableSeptember, a series where we provide a preview of what it means to bring native USDC to new blockchain ecosystems. Take a look below for what you need to know about the upcoming launch of native USDC on OP Mainnet. 

Get caught up on #StableSeptember and read what you need to know about USDC on Base.


Native to OP Mainnet

USDC issued by Circle will be native to OP Mainnet and can be considered the official form of USDC for the ecosystem. Over time, native USDC liquidity may grow and replace the currently circulating bridged USDC liquidity that comes from Ethereum.

Native USDC will give OP Mainnet users the following benefits:

  • A dollar-backed stablecoin that’s fully reserved and always redeemable 1:1 for US dollars
  • The availability of institutional on/off-ramps

Ahead of the launch of native USDC, the Ethereum-bridged form of USDC on block explorers will be renamed as USDC.e. There will also be outreach to ecosystem apps to make the same change in their app UI and documentation.


Optimism will work with ecosystem apps to provide a smooth transition of liquidity from USDC.e to USDC over time. There will be no immediate changes to the OP Mainnet bridge and it will continue to operate normally.

We are excited about what native USDC means for the Optimism ecosystem! Please reach out on Discord if you have any questions and keep an eye out for further #StableSeptember updates.

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