Web3 Services September Updates

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blog_W3S-septWe’re excited to share several updates we’ve deployed to help you build Web3 apps faster and better! Our updates include new features to manage and integrate smart contracts, security enhancements, and a new interactive guide to help kickstart your development journey. Read on to learn more about our updates.

New additions


Quickstart Guide
Start building your first developer-controlled wallet(s) with our Interactive Quickstart Guide! With only a few lines of code, generate an API Key, entity secret, and wallets, and execute transactions with just our step-by-step guide. Take away a sample code snippet that you can reuse for your project.



Deploy smart contracts

Supercharge your Programmable Wallets, and manage wallets and smart contracts using one console. Deploy and interact with smart contracts using Programmable Wallets for a streamlined experience on the blockchain. Access via UI or API to explore popular smart contracts, or simplify interactions with our code generation tool. Start interacting now.

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 4.56.50 PM


Create restricted API keys

Create Restricted API Keys to strengthen your app’s security. Restricted API Keys allow you more granular control by setting access rights (read-only or write), or defining the scope of APIs they can access, like wallets, smart contracts, or webhooks.

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 4.58.16 PM


Webhook event logs & tooling

Review webhook event logs and tooling to filter and sort through a record of webhook notifications and their corresponding triggered events. Leverage it to view detailed information like event data or troubleshoot unsuccessful webhook attempts by resending them manually.

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 4.58.57 PM




We now require distinct entity secret ciphertexts for developer-controlled wallets API requests

Mitigate the risk of replay attacks with distinct entity secret ciphertexts for developer-controlled wallets API requests. This new requirement is to enhance the security of API requests like transaction requests and smart contract interactions. Follow our sample code for guidance on how to generate distinct entity secret ciphertexts.



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