USDC Redemption Process Updated to Expand Liquidity Worldwide

Company Updates USDC

Circle is proud to offer robust redemption capabilities and has introduced new Circle Mint redemption options to help us provide even more USDC liquidity across the globe. Circle Mint Customers now have the choice between Standard and Basic redemption for managing their USDC needs, however, all customers will automatically be enrolled in our Standard redemption offering. Customers who choose to switch to Basic may visit our Help Center to get started.


Standard redemptions are free for Circle Mint customers redeeming up to $15M USD a day, and every submitted redemption request will process in real time on Circle’s systems. Settlement time may vary based on the transaction method and banking rails involved. Redemption amounts above $15 million will incur a 0.1% fee. 


Upon request, Basic redemption is available to all Circle Mint customers as well, offering a fee-free redemption option, regardless of transaction volume, however, processing can take up to two business days. With this option, settlement times may also vary based upon the transaction method and banking rails involved. 


As always, USDC remains redeemable 1:1 for U.S. dollars.

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