The Power Behind Our People: Recognizing Circle’s Mission-Driven Culture

Company Updates

Building a new major infrastructure layer of the Internet is a lofty goal that takes dedication, commitment, and hard work. Over the last ten years – with our people at the center – Circle has made significant strides towards this objective.

It is with great honor to share that Circle has been awarded 2023 Top Workplaces and Great Place to Work Certification™. These prestigious accolades are based on feedback directly from employees, emphasizing our team’s belief in Circle’s direction, the meaningfulness of Circle’s work, and the encouragement of innovation. 

At the heart of Circle’s evolution lies a deep commitment to the wellbeing and satisfaction of our employees. Circle secured the 17th spot among over 500 companies in our category on the 2023 Top Workplaces USA list and received a U.S. Great Place to Work certification for the second year in a row. Over 90% of employees agree that Circle is a great place to work, compared to an average of 57% for a U.S.-based company. As Circle continues on its path of strategic global expansion, we received Great Place to Work certifications in the U.K. and Singapore, with similar survey results in the high 90th percentile. Circle also ranked #48 on the Best Workplaces for Millennials™ 2023.

Circle’s mission and collective values are at the core of our corporate culture and a shared purpose that motivates our team to show up and work hard everyday. 

Circle’s values promote collaboration, open communication, and mutual respect, creating a sense of belonging and teamwork amongst employees. Every potential and current employee will see us hear and talk about how everyone at Circle lives our four core values: 

Multistakeholder - We are dedicated to meeting the needs of all of our stakeholders — our customers, our shareholders, our employees and families, our local communities and our world.

 Mindful - We seek to be present and aware, to be respectful, active listeners, and to pay attention to detail. Our collective mindfulness leads to better understanding, and more respectful, careful and deliberate choices.

 Driven by Excellence - We are driven by our mission and our passion for customer success. Being driven means that we relentlessly pursue excellence, we do not tolerate mediocrity, we reward based on merit, and that we work intensely to achieve our goals. We are a team that seeks to bring everyone along in our collective achievement.

 High Integrity - We seek open and honest communication, and hold ourselves to very high moral and ethical standards. Our customers and partners implicitly experience us as high integrity, and our customer centric choices demonstrate this to them again and again.

Circle’s values-driven employees are at the heart of bringing its mission to life. Circle leans into this approach to its people through nine active Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs are employee-led groups that foster inclusivity and belonging. The purpose of an ERG is to create a safe, supportive space for employees who share a common identity or affinity. In a remote-work environment, Circle’s ERGs foster connections between colleagues from all levels of the organizations and contribute to Circle’s values and mission through their distinct objectives.

Our values allow our organization to remain agile, and adapt to the rapidly evolving industry landscape while remaining grounded in our direction as an organization. We empower employees to take risks and explore new ideas that will uphold our position as a company and expand the utility of USDC. USDC is showing real-world promise for what’s possible when money can move quickly and securely at internet-scale. It’s remarkable to see how diverse organizations - from NGOs to asset managers - around the world use USDC for a faster, safer, and efficient way to send, spend, and store money. 

These awards are a testament to Circle’s dedication to employee well-being and continuous improvement. With employees in thirteen countries and more than 35 states, Circle supports all team members with resources to help improve our 100% remote work culture, such as promoting educational content around the industry, and enhanced benefits that include a greater focus on mental health and emotional well-being. Every one of our employees at Circle represents a key component to the organization’s success. Combined with our values of how we each individually act to achieve our mission, Circle’s success will rest on our team of passionate, mission-driven people. 

We are proud of our exceptional team and grateful for their contributions in making Circle an outstanding workplace. We continue to strategically hire in key functions and jurisdictions. Learn more about how you can join our team and mission to create an inclusive financial future. 

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