MoneyHacks 2020 Winners Announced and Wrap Up!

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Circle has wrapped up our MoneyHacks 2020 hackathon. This year we asked creators to build with Circle APIs and we are happy to announce the results! We had a great weekend of building with over 50 participants, 13 different teams who submitted projects, and 4 winners. 

moneyhacks winners

Business Category winners

Each winner in the business category received $10,000 in Circle API Credits. Our judges looked for the projects that solved problems and brought value to users. Additionally, projects with the ability to become a viable business legally and at scale were of particular focus. 

1. Incento 

Incento describes themselves as the fastest and cheapest way to send money across borders. The application allows users to seamlessly request payments from friends and businesses by just sharing a link via email or any messaging app.

2. El Dorado

El Dorado offers a savings account in US dollars for Latin Americans. It allows users to exchange local fiat currencies for American dollars or cryptocurrency. El Dorado is a digital banking alternative directly in your pocket.

3. Arcade City

Arcade City is the application powering the world’s first and only peer-to-peer rideshare + delivery network owned and operated by its drivers. The application enables cooperatives where decentralized platforms can flourish.


Fun Category winner

The winner of the fun category received $500 in cash. This project had a great solution, was easy to use, and even had an interactive demo which engaged the audience. 


Fonpay allows users to transact USDC with their peers across many messaging apps such as Discord, Telegram and Slack. The application seamlessly abstracts away the complexities of cryptocurrency and allows money to move as simply as a message.


Circle would like to thank everyone who participated, and our event sponsors: Alchemy and Compound.

We hope you see you all next year. In the meantime, you can start developing the future of digital finance and payments by simply acquiring an API key!


Happy Building,
Circle Team

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