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Public blockchains continue to experience enormous growth, with the combined market cap of all cryptocurrencies passing $2 trillion as of August 2021. Drawn by the openness, global connectivity and ability to reach anyone with an internet connection, more people and businesses are flocking to crypto as the ecosystem unlocks new ways to create and exchange value. Dollar digital currencies — including USD Coin (USDC) — play a major role in this growth by stabilizing prices while smoothing volatility and deepening liquidity in digital trading markets. 

Yet crypto-native businesses can still face some significant barriers when it comes to maximizing profits and efficiency. 

  • Historically, it has been difficult for on-chain businesses to reach potential customers who want to pay via bank-based channels, due to friction in transferring bank payments onto the blockchain. NFT marketplaces and other digital sellers may be leaving money on the table by failing to tap this customer pool. 
  • Crypto trading businesses can also experience a different type of friction when trying to settle out of Bitcoin, Ether and other crypto into fiat currency, and vice versa. The inability to trade in near-real time can leave them on the wrong end of market swings in either direction. 

Many of these problems can be eliminated by opening a free Circle Account, which can serve as a one-stop-shop for blockchain-based business transactions. It’s the fastest, easiest way to access USDC, which can create major speed and efficiency advantages in the always-on digital economy. Businesses can use a Circle Account to securely store USDC balances, while easily sending and receiving business payments. 

It’s also the entry point to powerful APIs that can unlock even more for your organization, including the ability to accept payments from customers around the world who want to pay via card, check and wire transfer. This means digital marketplaces can reach potential buyers who aren’t yet comfortable paying in crypto, even if those buyers are located in a different country. 

If you run a crypto trading business, you can use a Circle Account as your home base for storing USDC liquidity, which you can then deploy almost instantly around the world to capture market opportunities without needing to settle into and out of fiat currencies.

And that’s just the start. There’s a whole range of additional uses, including payroll, supplier payments, customer receivables, remittances and more. Opening a Circle Account is also the first step for businesses who want to earn yield on idle USDC balances via Circle Yield, an investment security offered exclusively to corporate accredited businesses. 

Circle’s roots in crypto run deep, and we’re committed to building solutions that can fuel your growth across both traditional and digital ecosystems. Sign up for a free Circle Account to experience the benefits. 

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