Episode 23: The Crypto Dollar Economy

The Money Movement

Join us on Friday, October 16th at 12pm EDT as Jeremy discusses the crypto dollar economy with Matthew Walsh and Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures.  Nic and Matt have been highly active in the crypto finance space, and tracking closely the macro themes around digital dollar stablecoins and the role they play in the broader crypto dollar economy.

In their recently published in-depth report, Crypto Dollars: The Story So Far, Nic and Matt explore the realm and implications of this breakthrough innovation in models of money and payments.  We'll explore all of this in-depth this Friday!

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The global economy is experiencing unprecedented challenges and change. Business leaders everywhere are grappling with how to transform their companies to become more digital, resilient and efficient. As we face this change, a new global movement is building around the promise of digital currencies and blockchains — forming a new architecture for the global economy and creating new opportunities for companies everywhere. The Money Movement explores and chronicles the issues and ideas driving this brave new world of digital money.

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