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Episode 10: Governance Models for Global Stablecoins and Digital Currency

Episode 10: Governance Models for Global Stablecoins and Digital Currency

The Money Movement The Money Movement July 6, 2020

Global stablecoins such as Centre Consortium’s USDC and Libra Associations new family of stablecoins are on the rise, giving way to coordinated regulatory responses for these innovative new forms of digital money and payment systems.  At the same time, governments and large financial industry actors are examining what digital currencies backed by central bank money might bring in terms of new opportunities and risks.

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All of this is increasing the attention on governance models. How should global stablecoins be governed? How can standards be established that work across leading stablecoin arrangements, but also contemplate and support government-sponsored and led digital currency projects? What’s the role of the public sector vs. the private sector?

And, how can we learn from the lessons of the past thirty years in the development of other internet standards, open source software and decentralized internet infrastructure? As the internet collides with money and the financial system, governance models are starting to take centre stage.

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This week on the Money Movement we’ll host a rich and far-reaching conversation on these themes and questions with host Jeremy Allaire, Circle CEO and also co-founder and director of Centre Consortium, one of the emerging governance frameworks for global stablecoins including the USDC standard, and guests Sheila Warren, Head of Blockchain and Data Policy and Member of the Executive Committee for World Economic Forum, where she has spear-headed the formation of a Global Consortium for Digital Currency Governance, and Dante Disparte, the Vice-Chairman and Head of Policy and Communications for the Libra Association, an emerging global stablecoin arrangement with broad industry backing.

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