Crypto Exchange Liquid Launches Trading for USDC on Stellar

Crypto Exchange Liquid Launches Trading for USDC on Stellar


Starting today, USDC on Stellar is available for trading on the Liquid cryptocurrency exchange, a top 10 exchange by daily spot volume with more than 800,000 global customers. With support from the Stellar Development Foundation, Multi-Chain USDC trading will help strengthen blockchain interoperability and reduce fees for USDC users, powering greater liquidity around the world.

“Liquid focuses on increasing cryptocurrency adoption by introducing a technologically superior alternative to traditional payment rails,” said Liquid COO Seth Melamed.

“By allowing Liquid customers to send USDC over the Stellar blockchain, transaction time and network fees are reduced significantly compared to the original Ethereum USDC token.”

Stellar is a fast, scalable network for financial products and services, now supporting more than 5 million user accounts worldwide. The Stellar Development Foundation helps maintain the Stellar codebase while providing technical and business support for communities helping build the network.

“It's great to see Liquid bringing the speed and cost advantages of the Stellar network to their customers. This offering provides valuable interoperability to USDC users and will bring meaningful volume and liquidity to the Stellar ecosystem,” said Stellar Development Foundation CEO and Executive Director Denelle Dixon.

“As more ecosystem partners use the Stellar network for currency interoperability and worldwide coverage, we are making progress toward our mission of creating equitable access to the global financial system.”

With more than 25 billion USDC now in circulation, users are increasingly able to take advantage of the unique capabilities of Multi-Chain USDC support to power global business, increase liquidity, and broaden financial inclusion around the world.

Find out more about Multi-Chain USDC.

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