Circle API Update: Stabilizing USDC Supply Data

Circle APIs

Recently, members of the community have reported inconsistent data being displayed for USD Coin (USDC) total supply figures across a range of third-party data providers including Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. In some instances, market cap data would be displayed without including USDC issued on all supported chains, typically during periods of degraded network performance. These incidents were not related to USDC or the normal operation of Circle products and services.

The Circle API endpoint that provides data about USDC in circulation previously excluded USDC totals from affected networks during these events. This exclusion of data from the API caused the inconsistencies reported by users.

In response to these reports, the relevant Circle API endpoint has been improved to continue reporting USDC supply totals across all supported blockchains, regardless of network performance. USDC supply is also broken out on a per-chain basis for greater transparency.  This change provides more accurate information as to the amount of USDC in circulation, and should address the data anomalies being displayed by services using the Circle API.

Circle is committed to providing maximum transparency for USDC available across all supported networks, and we continue to be responsive to feedback as we work to continuously improve stability of the end-user experience for those drawing on the data we provide. To access the most up-to-date and accurate information concerning Circle products and services, we encourage all developers and data providers to leverage the Circle API and reach out with any questions to

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