Bringing Merchant and Payment Tools to the Circle Account

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The Circle Account is a comprehensive financial account for global businesses, allowing users to transact in digital dollars, store digital currency and access other Circle platform services. Now, we’re reducing complexity and making it easier than ever for merchants and other businesses to access their data, review transaction history, use self-service fraud management tools and more using the Merchant Dashboard right inside the Circle Account.

A unified view for customer transactions and fraud management

The Circle Account enables businesses to get USD Coin (USDC) straight from the source, and the addition of the Merchant Dashboard now makes it even more powerful for merchants.

The Merchant Dashboard brings payment tools and new capabilities for transaction monitoring within the Circle Account, allowing you to review a full list of transactions including payments, payouts, settlements, reversals, chargebacks and wallet transfers to better understand how capital is flowing through your business. You can also pay your Circle invoices directly from the Circle Account, by card or with USDC.

If a customer requests a refund or needs to cancel a payment, the Merchant Dashboard makes it simple to find the relevant transaction and make the required adjustment in just a few clicks.

Use transaction reporting to export a monthly list of Payments, Payouts and Accounts activity in CSV format for more in-depth analysis for audit and accounting calculations, and for tax reporting purposes. And leverage fraud management tools to block or allow specific users (identified by geography, fiat currency type, card type, card responses, and other identifiers) from interacting with your business. Learn more about fraud management in our developer documentation.

One seamless platform for your payment needs

Businesses already using Circle API infrastructure and merchant payments tools will receive a guided tour for onboarding into the Merchant Dashboard within the Circle Account, with existing fraud management parameters and billing details pre-migrated for your convenience.

The integration of the Merchant Dashboard into the Circle Account adds enhanced security with multi-factor authentication and multi-user access, so teams can work together in tandem while keeping business data more secure. It all makes it easier than ever to streamline business operations within a single platform to access the full suite of Circle solutions.

Learn more about Circle APIs and get started with a Circle Account today.

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