Build Web3 applications at scale

Unlock the power of a full-stack solution designed to accelerate your development. With Circle Web3 Services, you can rapidly deploy smart contracts, custody users’ digital assets and programmatically manage funds flows across chains on our fully hosted nodes – cost-effectively and with industry-leading security you can trust.

Introducing Circle Web3 Services

With Circle and CYBAVO coming together, our customers can now access a suite of Web3 development tools designed to help you offload blockchain infrastructure-related costs, mitigate security risks, and remove operational complexities. Whether you are familiar with Web3 or just getting started, our composable APIs and turnkey SDKs can help you build applications at scale.

Custody assets securely

Manage digital assets via secure, direct custody MPC wallets. Use MFA security and identity binding, customizable enterprise-grade threshold approval policies and scheduled & batched transactions.


Program wallet infrastructure

Automate deposits and withdrawals at scale with MPC and HD wallets. Customize, secure and manage asset flows with granular policies and a dedicated operations console.


Build on the blockchain ecosystem

Gain instant access to 40+ chains and 1,500+ tokens with node management fully offloaded. Deploy smart contracts to tokenize assets and mint NFT collections, integrate with exchanges and DeFi protocols, and stake digital assets - all via a single Web3 platform.


Build multi-chain Web3 wallet apps

Build customized iOS and Android crypto wallet apps with private key encryption schemes that allow you to avoid complexities as you build your Web3 app. Employ intuitive default UI/UX, WalletConnect and an admin panel, so you can cut down build time and simplify management.


Issue and accept identity credentials

Create unique, permissioned experiences in your app with portable identity credentials. These Verite credentials can be used for KYC/KYB and more, without sending or storing sensitive personal data on-chain.



Simplify your smart contract development, testing, and deployment. Set predefined or custom build steps that execute serially to ensure your smart contract environment is configured the same way every time.

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