Experience the power of Polygon USDC

Polygon is a leading ‘layer 2’ scaling solution for Ethereum, which boasts the largest developer ecosystem and deepest liquidity across blockchains. Polygon built the Polygon Bridge to enable users to bring digital assets from Ethereum, such as USDC, over to Polygon to benefit from reduced transaction costs and faster settlement times. Polygon USDC enables people and businesses to participate in the innovative Polygon ecosystem of over 19,000 dApps and transact with over 2.7 million monthly active users1.

Polygon USDC is a ‘bridged’ version of USDC. Please refer to the Bridged USDC Terms and the updated version of the Circle Account User Agreement for more information.

Accessing Polygon USDC

You can access Polygon USDC through a free Circle Account and via dApps on Polygon. Regardless of your choice, it’s easy to get started.


Circle Account


Open a Circle Account

Signing up is simple. Provide your business information, and we’ll get the approval process started.


Create a deposit

Once you’re approved, you can deposit funds via wire transfer. All funds will settle as USDC in your Circle Account.


Choose Polygon USDC

Easily withdraw your USDC as Polygon USDC and send it globally near-instantly on-chain. You can also swap Polygon USDC across blockchains through your Circle Account and via API, and settle back into fiat via wire transfer2.

Top Polygon USDC dApps

Builders choose Polygon USDC for their users. Here are some dApp examples:


No, Circle is launching support of the existing, widely used Polygon USDC within the Circle Account and Circle APIs. Polygon USDC is a ‘bridged’ version of USDC, which is created when the ‘native’ version of USDC on Ethereum is bridged over to Polygon via the Polygon Bridge.

Different blockchains have their own digital assets, protocols, and governance. A bridge can connect two blockchains and enable users to bring digital assets from one chain to the other. The Polygon Bridge exists to bring digital assets from Ethereum, such as USDC, over to Polygon.

For businesses that want fast and efficient access to Polygon USDC, the Circle Account abstracts away the costly and time-consuming process of bridging USDC from Ethereum to Polygon via the Polygon Bridge. Instead, businesses can now convert fiat currency to Polygon USDC quickly with the Circle Account, and easily convert back to fiat currency the same way2.

Yes, Polygon USDC can be quickly and easily swapped to USDC on any other supported blockchain within the Circle Account.

Swap USDC across chains

Programmatically move USDC from one chain to another. Circle APIs make it easy for wallets, exchanges, custodians and more to rebalance their holdings of USDC across supported chains at no additional cost.
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Maximize your vision. Do more with USDC.

As an open-source, programmable dollar with global reach, USDC is powerful market infrastructure you can begin building with immediately. Circle exists to make it even faster and easier for developers to realize their vision for USDC.

your starting place for USDC

A one-stop-shop for digital currency

We want managing digital currency to be as easy as possible. Our free and easy-to-use Circle Account lets your business get started with our full suite of payment, treasury and liquidity solutions.

1. Polygon.technology and polygon.technology/ecosystem. (last accessed May 23, 2022 10:07 AM PST)

2. As a bridged version of USDC, Polygon USDC is not directly redeemable for U.S. dollars; it must be ‘unbridged’ to be redeemed for U.S. dollars. When a Circle Account customer requests a withdrawal of U.S. dollars, Circle will automate the process of unbridging Polygon USDC back to Ethereum USDC, and redeem Ethereum USDC for U.S. dollars. This unbridging and redemption process is abstracted away from the customer and comes at no additional cost.