Pioneering blockchain technology

Ethereum was the first smart contract platform and compute engine. Developed in 2014, it was a pioneering blockchain technology and continues to be the foundation of more than 90% of consumer applications today.

Ethereum USDC

The ERC-20 token, which Ethereum USDC is built on, is the most liquid and widely available token. Ethereum USDC is a standard – one that exhibits deep liquidity and trading on venues and exchanges worldwide.

Ethereum USDC Activity

Accessing Ethereum USDC

There are a few ways to access Ethereum USDC: The Circle Account and Circle’s Multichain Authorized Distributor Program. It’s easy to get started with either.


Open a Circle Account

Signing up is simple. Provide your business’ information, and we’ll get the approval process started!

Create a deposit

Once you’re approved for a Circle Account, you can deposit funds via credit card, wire or ACH.

Choose Ethereum USDC

Easily choose your preferred version of USDC. Once Ethereum USDC is in your Circle Account, you can send it anywhere in the world instantly via the power of digital dollars. Or, settle back into fiat via wire transfer or ACH.

USDC Multichain Authorized Distributor Program

Designed to meet the needs of wallets, exchanges, custodians and other digital dollar stablecoin applications, reduce the friction to convert USDC across supported chains at no cost in our Multichain USDC Swap API.