Evolve your treasury management

Manage USDC and Euro Coin balances securely with any amount of funds. Use our treasury solutions to transfer funds globally or off-ramp to fiat.

Treasury operations with digital assets

Businesses operating with digital assets need a seamless, secure way to manage them, with appropriate approval workflows and security controls to provide stability and efficiency as the business grows.


Crypto treasury management for businesses

Manage digital assets securely with a comprehensive crypto treasury solution. Send USDC and Euro Coin business payments near-instantly, store funds with multiple custodial models and customizable approval policies.

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A treasury solution built on stablecoins

With stablecoin treasury management, hold funds safely in digital currency, manage balances and send corporate payments to business partners and vendors. All from a single platform.

Transact with partners and suppliers

Automate payments to suppliers, vendors and business partners by sending corporate payments on-chain near-instantly. Transfer globally between accounts across subsidiaries cost-effectively.

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Extend your business on-chain

Use our APIs to scale your business on-chain. Manage funds in sub-accounts, program payments and payouts and build new experiences for customers.

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Transparency & Stability

Building to a higher standard

We are committed to transparency and stability in everything we do. From welcoming clear regulation, to valuing engagement with policymakers and sharing detailed reports on how our stablecoins are backed - we are leading a more responsible, stable future for crypto.


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