The Money Movement / Episode 21

Episode 21

Circle CEO AMA on the Money Movement: #AskJerAllaire Anything

Summary & Key Takeaways

Join us Thursday, October 1st, for a special Ask Me Anything (AMA) edition of the Money Movement, where show host and Circle CEO, Jeremy Allaire, will be taking your questions. Nothing is off-limits and the team is looking forward to an open and wide-ranging dialog on some of the most important themes and topics in crypto, financial services, stablecoins and the global macro environment. Submit your questions early. Just tweet to @circlepay or @jerallaire with the hashtag #askjerallaire and we'll do our best to get to all your questions during the show.

Live on YouTube Thursday October 1st at 1p ET
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About the Show
The global economy is experiencing unprecedented challenges and change. Business leaders everywhere are grappling with how to transform their companies to become more digital, resilient and efficient. As we face this change, a new global movement is building around the promise of digital currencies and blockchains — forming a new architecture for the global economy and creating new opportunities for companies everywhere. The Money Movement explores and chronicles the issues and ideas driving this brave new world of digital money.

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Episode Highlights

Will Bitcoin & other PoW assets survive or thrive in the mid to long term? Jeremy gives his thoughts

Will we see a rise of other currency stablecoin denominations to facilitate transactions?

Anonymous guest asked Jeremy what he thinks about employee activism on The Money Movement

Former guest Larry Summers asks Jeremy what industry is threatened most by the rise of crypto

Multicoin Capital's Kyle Samani asks Jeremy what the biggest demand driver for USDC is

How can this technology make life better for all of those living in emerging economies?

As most enterprise deployments are currently on Corda, Hyperledger and Quorum, is there any plans to enable USDC on those chains enabling settlement by financial institutions in USDC?

What do you think needs to happen for a new layer 1 to seriously challenge Bitcoin and Ethereum?

How can the government can take action to support USDC? Find out Jeremy's answer!

Head of Blockchain Lab at BankFrick Julien Hawle gets in on the AMA fun by asking Jeremy about USDC regulation

How does the new OCC interpretative letter change things for USDC? Find out Jeremy's thoughts

Episode 21 - Part 2: #AskJerAllaire Anything

Some commentators have dubbed Libra 2.0 to be a glorified Paypal. What does Jeremy think?

How does Open Banking and Open Finance integrate with stablecoins? Jeremy shares on the AMA Part 2

USDC recently launched on Algorand? Why? What are the next chains?

What does scalability look like for USDC? When will Circle introduce formal Layer 2 support?

What digital assets does Jeremy own and will he throw out a price prediction for Algorand by 2030?

Previous Money Movement guest Michael Moro asks Jeremy about stablecoin regulation on #themm

Will stablecoins be used in retail? What is the advantage of a stablecoin over using a payment app?

How does Jeremy see the competitive landscape for stablecoins evolving in the coming years?

Previous Money Movement guest wants to know what books are on Jeremy's shelf?

Previous guest Fabricio Tota asks about the impact of different jurisdictions' regulation on USDC

Which benefits does it bring to deploy USDc on a decentralized ledger instead of a centralized one?

What is a practical solution for KYC that can be agreed upon internationally?

Previous guest Julien Hawle asks Jeremy his thoughts on how USDC can counter the effect of inflation

When will blockchain products have Stripe's level of UX?

Does Circle have in mind the prospect of a native interest rate, payable directly to USDC holders?

What’s the regulatory framework that enables stablecoin adoption but includes consumer protection?

Former guest asks if the Federal Reserve be involved in this new payment system

Where does Jeremy believe we’ll be in terms of adoption within the next 3 to 5 years?

How does Jeremy see competition between multiple stablecoins panning out?

Guests in this episode

Jeremy Allaire

Co Founder & CEO, of Circle and Director of Centre Consortium