The Ultimate Angel Investor with Jason Calacanis

In the past year, more people have abandoned traditional nine-to-five jobs for self-employment opportunities like investing and entrepreneurship. However, the industry is saturated with tech-inclined youngsters who are prone to taking uncalculated risks. In this Startup Edition of The Money Movement, we discuss startup investing culture and explore the shortcomings of the space.

Joining us this week to explore this topic is Jason Calacanis, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Author. After investing in one of Uber’s early rounds, Jason now has over 10 unicorns in his portfolio. Aside from being the Founder & CEO of LAUNCH, and the host of This Week in Startups and the All-In Podcast, Jason is also the author of the best selling book: ANGEL: How to Invest in Technology Startups.

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Listen to this special startup edition of the Money Movement with Jason Calcanis now!

Jeremy Allaire
Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman at Circle
Ryan Feit
Co-founder, CEO, SeedInvest
Jason Calacanis
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Author

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