Expanding Access to the American Dream with Michael Milken of the Milken Institute

At the 2024 Milken Institute* Global Conference, Circle CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board Jeremy Allaire joined Milken Institute Chairman and acclaimed philanthropist Michael Milken to discuss the private sector’s role in expanding the American Dream. They discuss financial inclusion, reducing friction in the industry, and the challenges faced by countries with limited access to capital. They also shared insights about ways to dispel myths, the importance of education and health care, and how to drive the adoption of new technologies. Their interview also covered:


  • [4:36] – Eliminating middlemen
  • [16:24] – Demographic surprises
  • [26:45] – Fostering trust
  • [40:42] – Access and inclusion

If you’re interested in learning more about technology’s role in strengthening the pillars of the American Dream, tune in to this episode of The Money Movement.

*Circle is a corporate sponsor of the Milken Institute.

Jeremy Allaire
Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman at Circle
Michael Milken
Chairman, Milken Institute

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