The Money Movement - Unlocking Opportunity Through Dollar Access

Unlocking Opportunity Through Dollar Access with Alvaro Correa* of DolarApp

Alvaro Correa* is on a mission to expand economic opportunity. The entrepreneur co-founded DolarApp to help people across Latin America send and spend digital dollars with a level of access, ease and speed that legacy financial services can’t match. 

In their Money Movement conversation, he and Jeremy Allaire discuss:

  • [5:23] – The shift to an internet financial system
  • [12:09] – Dollar access in Latin America
  • [26:05] – Economic equality

If you’re interested in learning more about the foundations and implications of Web3 from one of its foremost experts, tune in to this episode of The Money Movement. 

*Alvaro Correa is the Co-Founder and COO of DolarApp. DolarApp utilizes USDC in connection with its products and services offerings.



Jeremy Allaire
Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman at Circle
Alvaro Correa
Co-Founder & COO, DolarApp

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