The power of USDC brought to multiple blockchains

Introducing Circle’s USDC Multichain Authorized Distributor Program, designed to meet the needs of wallets, exchanges, custodians and other digital dollar stablecoin applications, reducing the friction to convert USDC across supported chains.
Easily swap USDC across leading blockchain including Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, Stellar, and Tron.

Expanding the USDC protocol & market

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USDC is supported on multiple blockchains, including on Ethereum as an ERC-20 token, on Algorand as an ASA token implementation, on Solana as an SPL token and on Stellar as a Stellar asset. Additional blockchains will be supported soon*.

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All implementations of USDC carry the same level of transparency for fiat reserves, with monthly attestations provided by Grant Thornton and published online.

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USDC on multiple blockchains broadens the use cases for stablecoins across a wide array of payments, commerce and financial applications.

USDC Multichain Authorized Distributors Program

Wallet developers, exchanges and custodians can now take advantage of breakthroughs in speed, scalability and cost-efficiency provided by 3rd generation public chains.

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Aggregate USDC liquidity in your marketplace while abstracting away which blockchain to support for on-chain transfers

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Offer multiple paths to send or receive USDC within your product

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Using our APIs, easily swap USDC between Centre-certified and officially supported blockchains

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No cost to swap between blockchains

How it works

Check out our quick start guide to learn more about our APIs for cross-chain USDC swaps.

Become an authorized distributor today

Multichain USDC is embedded across all of Circle’s products

Approved Centre blockchains are woven into Circle’s full suite of products and APIs, including Payments, Payouts, Accounts, and the Circle Account. Every Circle Account holder will also enjoy free access to mint and redeem through their choice of supported blockchains at no extra cost other than customary on-chain gas fees associated with a transaction.
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