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Press Release
May 21, 2024

Circle Brings the Era of Open Money to Life with New Brand Campaign: “Money is Now Open”

Kick-starts summer launch with new film and brand activations


BOSTON – May 21, 2024Circle, a global financial technology firm, today unveiled its latest brand campaign,Money is now open, highlighting how the open internet has transformed numerous aspects of our lives while money has remained stubbornly closed - until now. 

Inspired by the “the era of open money” narrative from Circle’s 2024 State of the USDC Economy Report, the centerpiece of “Money is now open” is a :60 spot, which takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of the internet's impact on our daily lives, from ride-sharing and food delivery to social media and beyond. The film then poses a simple question: "Guess what the internet hasn't changed? Money."

“‘Money is now open’ highlights how we have all come to know the conveniences of the open internet – from how our food moves and is delivered to how we request a ride – but no one has talked about money moving this easily until now,” said Cameron Ewing, VP of Creative at Circle. “Bringing this campaign to life kicks off a conversation and education about what ‘open money’ means to everyone around the world.”

The campaign also introduces Circle's vision for "open money" by featuring USDC, Circle’s digital dollar that is as accessible and borderless as the internet itself, declaring: "If the open internet unlocked so many ideas we now take for granted today, just imagine where open money could take us.”

"Everything we do today is focused on building and accelerating this internet financial system,” said Elisabeth Carpenter, Chief Operations Officer at Circle. “Sharing this campaign’s vision with the world is a bold statement of our belief that the future of money should be as open, connected and frictionless as the internet itself.” 

Read more about the “Money is now open” campaign here.