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The next generation payments processing API

We’ve re-imagined processing payments to combine the benefits of stablecoins and blockchain with traditional forms of payments like cards and bank accounts.

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Broad payment method acceptance

Now, your customers can pay or deposit through a breadth of different payment methods with all transactions settling quickly — on crypto rails that don’t require traditional banking or acquiring relationships. A single integration lets you leverage a growing list of payment rails that all settle in USDC:



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Tools to help you fight fraud

Optimize authorization rates and minimize chargeback losses to drive customer retention and profitability.

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Intelligent dashboard

Central hub for transaction monitoring, settlements, reporting and analytics.


How it works


Step 1

You send us end users’ payment details

Step 2

We process the payment on your behalf. Upon settlement, USD Coin (USDC) is issued and delivered to your Circle Account, or credits issued to your end user’s wallets

Step 3

You can pay others on-chain or transfer to your bank account at any time

Circle Payments API Use Cases


Use Cases

On- & off-ramps

Grow your user base by enabling global fiat deposits and withdrawals on your product, using USDC for stable and global settlement.

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Use Cases

Global e-commerce

Take card payments for goods or services on your commerce app or website.

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Use Cases

Wallet top offs

Swipe your customer’s card to fund their accounts to be used within your business globally.

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Use Cases

Global payouts

Send mass payouts to sellers, freelancers, or any service providers around the world. We automate your payout workflows and handle the complexity of sending digital dollars or local currency globally.

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Wallets API

Accept, store and send crypto payments using USDC

Check out our Wallets API to leverage native crypto and USDC functionality using scalable wallet infrastructure.

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Marketplaces API

The full building blocks for innovative platform companies

Support any type of business model and flexible funds flow to launch your product faster and scale from day one on an open ecosystem.

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