Experience the power of USDC on Solana

Solana is a decentralized, scalable, and efficient blockchain network that’s powerful for developers and fast for everyone. One of the fastest blockchains in the industry, Solana can provide settlement times of 400 ms with transactions that cost a fraction of a cent. Developers choose USDC on Solana to power apps for high frequency trading, financial services, consumer payments, and interactive loyalty programs.


Accessing USDC on Solana

Businesses can access USDC on Solana from a Circle Mint account, digital asset exchanges, and apps on Solana. It’s easy to get started.



Open a Circle Mint account

Submit your business information, and we’ll get the process started.


Create a deposit

Once approved, you can deposit funds into your Circle Mint account via wire transfer. All funds will settle seamlessly in USDC.


Choose USDC on Solana

You can use a Circle Mint account to directly convert fiat currency to USDC on Solana, and easily convert back to fiat currency the same way. Circle Mint also enables you to swap USDC across supported blockchains, such as swapping USDC on Ethereum for USDC on Solana, without needing to use a third-party bridge.

Apps supporting USDC on Solana

Developers choose USDC on Solana to provide access to digital dollars for their users.1


Yes, USDC on Solana is native to the Solana blockchain and can be found at this contract address. Bridged versions of USDC are not issued by Circle and are not supported by Circle Mint or Circle APIs.

Please do not attempt to send bridged USDC on Solana to a Circle Mint account, as it may not be recoverable and could result in a loss of funds.

Yes, USDC is a digital dollar backed 100% by highly liquid cash and cash-equivalent assets and is redeemable 1:1 for US dollars. The majority of the USDC reserve is invested in the Circle Reserve Fund (USDXX), an SEC-registered 2a-7 government money market fund. Daily, independent, third-party reporting on the Circle Reserve Fund portfolio is publicly available via BlackRock

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Circle Mint is available to qualified businesses and institutions who can redeem USDC 1:1 for USD directly from Circle. End users of USDC (who are not Circle Mint customers) can redeem for USD from digital asset exchanges or other market participants.

Yes, USDC on Solana can be quickly and easily swapped to USDC on any other supported blockchain with Circle Mint and its APIs.

Please do not attempt to send bridged USDC on Solana to a Circle Mint account, as it may not be recoverable and could result in a loss of funds.

Swap USDC across blockchains

Programmatically move USDC from one blockchain to another. Circle Mint and its APIs make it easy for wallets, exchanges, custodians and more to rebalance their holdings of USDC across supported chains at no additional cost. 
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Maximize your vision. Do more with USDC.

As an open-source, programmable dollar with global reach, USDC is powerful market infrastructure you can begin building with immediately. Circle exists to make it even faster and easier for developers to realize their vision for USDC. 

1 Solana, Apps supporting USDC on Solana, last accessed May 16, 2024