Jeremy Fox-Geen

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy brings 25 years of experience in corporate finance and financial services, as a strategic advisor, operator and finance officer, with previously held senior leadership roles at iStar and Safehold, McKinsey, PwC and Citigroup, as CFO, management consultant and finance officer.

Written by Jeremy

The Convergence of Money and the Internet

Executive Insights

Digital currencies and blockchains represent a major evolution in money and the internet. Learn how Circle helps businesses prepare for this shift.

African Markets Exemplify Interoperability

Executive Insights

While developed economies around the world are just beginning to harness the immense benefits of stablecoins and open blockchains, people and businesses across many African markets are already using this infrastructure for critical B2B financial services.

Stablecoins, Blockchains and the Future of Global Commerce


Stablecoins and the blockchains on which they travel can offer unparalleled utility as a new, unified infrastructure for payments, commerce and capital markets built directly into the internet.