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Talk with us to explore short and medium term high yield interest rate accounts built entirely on USDC* so you are first in line when the service becomes available.


Open term

No withdrawal limits. Access your digital dollars at any time, even on nights and weekends.**
1 month
3 month
6 month
12 month

Fixed term

Choose the right fixed term product for your liquidity needs. Add new funds at any time.**

Interest payments paid out weekly and accrue daily**.


Natively integrated into your Circle Account and customizable through Circle APIs.


Businesses all around the world can access these new digital dollar accounts powered by USDC.

Powered by crypto asset markets

Yield is generated by lending your digital dollars to a network of institutional counterparties that are willing to pay an interest rate for access to additional capital. We are starting our yield generation offering with Genesis Global Capital***, one of the largest lending firms in today’s market. Read more about Genesis.




High yield savings accounts

Allow your customers to get more for their money and idle cash by embedding high yield digital dollar accounts into your product through our APIs****.



Corporate treasury

Traditional dollar capital markets are evolving and growing into interest-rate and lending markets built on digital dollars like USDC. Businesses can access these growing dollar markets from almost anywhere in the world* by opening up a Circle Account, converting cash into USDC and moving it into yield-generating accounts.


*Offering subject to business approval, geographical availability, and regulatory authorization, and there is no guarantee that the product will become available in a specific timeframe  or to a specific customer or geography. Service offered through Circle International Bermuda Limited. It is anticipated that Circle International Bermuda Limited will enter into lending arrangements with one or more institutional borrowers, including Genesis Global Capital, LLC.  You should carefully conduct your own investigations and analyses in connection with any participation in this product, including its objectives, risk factors, fees and expenses and the information set forth in these materials. All prospective participants in the products described herein are advised to consult with their legal, accounting and tax advisers regarding any potential participation.  Additional information is available upon request.

**Rates are purely indicative and are subject to change pending availability, approval and market conditions. Withdrawal requests for open and fixed term accounts could take up 72 hours in high withdrawal periods. 

***Learn more about Genesis Global Capital, LLC here and read more about Genesis' Q3 2020 results

****Customer-facing offering subject to regulatory requirements and business account approval. Please contact Circle to discuss eligibility.

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