seamless, automated, rapid

The fastest way to get USDC

Available right from your Circle Account, Express converts cash you send from your bank account into USDC, and then automatically sends it to the wallet of your choice. So you can make trades, buy crypto, and transfer funds on your own terms.


Do business anytime, in near-real time

Seamlessly transfer U.S. dollars from a bank account, settle them as USDC in a Circle Account, and put it to work on many of the world’s leading blockchains. You can also automatically sweep USDC that arrives in the deposit address connected to your Circle Account back into your corporate bank account. USDC can seamlessly flow from the crypto exchange of your choice into US Dollars in a bank account.

Connected with the banks you use

Circle has partnered with top-tier banks to help clients move in and out of crypto positions. Every Circle customer who banks with Silvergate’s SEN, and soon, Signature Bank’s Signet can mint and redeem USDC transactions in real-time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Maximized trading revenue from rapid settlement

With the power of multiple bank integrations, you can easily mint and redeem your USDC and forget about traditional banking hours and rigid connection points.

The power to customize your operational strategy

Success requires creative and customized operational strategies. Having the power to choose your banking connections puts you in control.

To learn more about this program let us know a bit about your current trading operations