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Ecosystem Grant Program

Supercharge your access to the world-class USDC ecosystem and grow your Web3 project. Ecosystem Grants provide funding up to $100,000 in USDC while recipients receive operational and technical support, as well as co-marketing opportunities with the Circle community.

What we look for


Synergies with Circle’s mission

We work with teams that are focused on increasing financial inclusion and equity around the world.


Circle ecosystem benefits

Grant recipients should be building applications that help customers access and use USDC in their everyday lives, through commerce or the exchange of value.


Realistic milestones

Milestones are realistic and mutually agreed upon.


Clear use of funds

Grant recipients are expected to provide a clear budget and plan for use of funds to accomplish their goals.

Program Details

Grant benefits

Recipients receive more than just funds:

  • Grant funding support up to $100,000 in USDC per project
  • Operational, technical, business and marketing support
  • Ecosystem connections and mentorship
  • Additional co-marketing opportunities with Circle and our community

Use of funds

Ecosystem grants can be used for:

  • Hiring external resources, such as developers, agencies, and contractors
  • Paid channel acquisition, such as paid media, social media advertising, and PR support
  • Customer acquisition channels, such as referrals, giveaways, airdrops, and bonuses
  • In-person marketing activities and events

Application Process Overview

Step 1

Submit your application.

Step 2

If your proposal is a good fit, the Circle team will reach out to you within approximately two weeks and send an invitation to meet with the team to align on milestones.

Step 3

The Circle Ecosystem Grant Committee shares the decision of your application.

Step 4

If successful, due diligence will start, followed by agreement execution, after which you will receive the initial tranche payment.

Ecosystem grant application

To be considered, please complete all fields with as much detailed information as possible.