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Building with USDC and the Circle ecosystem

We offer blockchain APIs, Web3 SDKs and more to help developers use USDC and Euro Coin to:

  • On- and off-ramp from fiat to stablecoins
  • Store and transact with digital assets securely
  • Accept crypto and fiat payments
  • Leverage verified identity credentials
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Multichain USDC

Work with a stable foundation

Your stack starts with USDC and Euro Coin. Build with a suite of customizable tools that give you fast, easy access to stablecoins, cost-effectively.

USDC is available natively on 8 blockchains, with more integrations expected. For EVM-compatible chains and Flow, USDC is deployed via smart contract. For non-EVM chains, USDC uses built-in token primitives.


Accelerate development with a full-stack toolkit

With composable APIs and turnkey SDKs, you can take advantage of enterprise-grade crypto infrastructure that scales with you. Use Circle Payments, Payouts and Accounts APIs to build on- and off-ramps into your product. Work with a customizable accounts infrastructure. Access seamless stablecoin liquidity and leverage custody as a service, programmable and secure wallets and more to make your money truly move at your fingertips.

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Be part of a robust ecosystem of developers building with USDC.