How Shiftly uses Circle APIs to manage Bitcoin arbitrage in South Africa


Digital asset arbitrage

Shiftly provides a service where individuals can take advantage of BTC price discrepancies across markets. Typically, this would require opening and maintaining accounts in many geographies, which can be cumbersome. Bitcoin is also a volatile asset so moving Bitcoin across exchanges increases the risk of price slippage.

Shiftly needed a provider that could automate the process of purchasing digital assets abroad while allowing them to create a simpler experience for their users.

The Solution

Seamlessly transfer funds between traditional bank and the world of digital assets

With Circle’s Payment API and USDC, Shiftly can create seamless arbitrage experiences for their users. Users initiate South African Rand bank wires that settle directly to Shifty’s Circle Account as USDC. From there, Shiftly can transact exclusively in blockchain-native stablecoin – realizing the benefits of crypto, with any complexity abstracted from their customers.shiftly-diagram

Shiftly can move funds between exchanges quickly and without risk of slippage, guaranteeing fast, low-risk and profitable trades for their customers.

With Circle as their on-ramping partner, Shiftly has direct access to USDC liquidity and deep USDC/BTC trading markets, a bridge between traditional and crypto currencies, and the ability to move money at the speed of the internet.