How Maple Finance is bringing DeFi to traditional clientele


Creating safety and security in a new industry

Maple Finance set out to create a crypto capital market infrastructure built for institutions to reliably and securely access yield from the world’s largest and fastest-growing crypto firms. As Maple began introducing clients to the platform, they recognized that traditional institutions faced friction when onboarding to crypto markets. Creating a wallet, buying tokens from exchanges, and understanding the DeFi ecosystem presented clients with a large barrier to participation. If Maple Finance wanted to create a space for traditional users to explore crypto opportunities, they needed to simplify the onboarding process.

The Solution

A streamlined user experience breaks down barriers to entry

As the decentralized financial system continues to evolve, institutional adoption of the space is becoming increasingly important. Circle has led the way in inspiring institutional confidence in the reliability and security of crypto markets. The Maple team has paired their white-glove service with the streamlined Circle Suite to provide a lending experience like no other. With Circle, clients have access to attractive yield opportunities, simple on-ramping from or off-ramping to fiat currencies, capital efficient access to funds, and more. Maple’s dedication to security and compliance via KYC and AML has been streamlined through the integration of Circle in their Customer Success process. “There is a natural path as Maple clients seek to get into lending and borrowing and then again to off-ramp from Maple, the simplest solution is to go through Circle,” said Daniel Kim, Head of Capital Markets at Maple Finance.

“In 2021 the digital economy is too big to ignore. With this partnership, traditional institutions once sitting on the sidelines now have a bridge which is simple, safe, and secure through Circle."

- Sid Powell, CEO and Co-Founder, Maple Finance