Grapefruit Trading uses USDC in advanced trading strategies


Securely speed up profitable market trades

This deeply crypto-passionate team is personally invested and truly believes in the products they trade. As they execute large amounts of volume each day, they are acutely aware of the huge risks at play. Central to their business, they needed a secure, and trusted way to move USD. 

But trust and security aren’t the only important things they weigh when choosing what to trade. Trading crypto requires speedy settlement, and mere seconds in delay could be extremely detrimental to a trade. Clunky interfaces and connections simply would not suffice. 

They needed a currency that was as flexible as they are, with the ability to move in and out of USD all the while being extremely secure and compliant.

The Solution

Achieve speed, trust, and security

Through Circle Mint, as well as through Circle’s vast partner network, Grapefruit is able to seamlessly mint and redeem USDC at any time. They can flexibly operate across multiple blockchains and access exchanges and DeFi projects at the speed of the internet by operating on USDC. As they quickly move in and out of trades, they rest assured knowing that their transactions are secure and trust that their USDC is fully backed by US dollars.  

“The fact that it's widely accepted and a safe form of dollars is why we use USDC. The comfort that we have in knowing we can freely convert between USDC and dollars is very important for us.”

— Joe Keefer, Trader at Grapefruit Trading