CMS Holdings utilizes USDC as operational currency


Works within your Investment Strategy

CMS Holdings runs a profitable and complex crypto investment portfolio. They needed an efficient way to transfer funds between traditional banking and their investments, plus a way to protect gains during the rebalancing process. They also wanted a better way to utilize operating capital, manage funds and earn interest on unallocated cash reserves while in between investments to maximize returns. 

The Solution

Seamlessly transfer funds between traditional bank and the world of digital assets

CMS Holdings uses Circle’s powerful APIs to seamlessly transfer funds between their traditional bank and the world of digital assets. The Circle APIs also access cross chain interoperability when moving USDC between different blockchains. CMS can earn interest on their base holdings while in between investments. CMS Holdings has practically moved all resources away from the traditional banking system by utilizing their Circle Account as their defacto crypto bank.

“The Circle Account helps us manage our cash needs while providing 24/7/365 accessibility making it our most convenient option.”

—Daniel Matuszewski, Head/Co-Founder of CMS Holdings Group LLC