Fashioning a new way to pay

How one global marketplace is using USDC payouts to reshape the payment experience


Traditional cross-border payments are complex, costly, and can take a long time to process.

Clothia’s designers depend on timely global payouts from Clothia to provide cash flows and run their businesses, but traditional cross-border payment rails to multiple countries in multiple currencies are complex, costly, and can take a long time to process. Clothia had already explored numerous ways to pay sellers but none worked consistently and efficiently across multiple countries. For example, bank wires faced cross-border lags and could be rejected due to manual errors. Checks were not typically accepted in most countries outside of the US and depended on local mail delivery. Even global online money transfer firms would not service all the countries where Clothia designers are and charged high fees for currency conversions.

Clothia found themselves spending far too much time and money managing payments, which took them away from supporting their designers. And despite their hard work, many designers were often not paid on time—hurting their own cash flow and limiting their productivity.

What Clothia needed was to create a payment option for their designers that was as seamless and joyful as the buying experience they’ve created for their customers.

The Solution

USDC payments are a tailored fit for sellers on ecommerce marketplaces

Clothia recently partnered with Visa, Circle and to employ a faster, easier way for online marketplaces to pay sellers using USDC. 

To facilitate faster and more seamless global designer payouts, Circle converts dollars from Clothia’s bank account to be paid out as USDC., a Visa Global Alliance Partner and Principal Member, then provides the custodial digital wallet where designers can securely receive and store their USDC payments from Clothia., which supports customers from over 90 countries, provides the global reach to service designers from all over the world.


With Circle’s USDC solution, Clothia has been able to reduce their payment processing time from days (and sometimes weeks) to minutes.

Clothia has created a pilot program for making fast USDC payments to participating designers from Europe, with plans to eventually enable all their marketplace payouts to happen nearly instantaneously on the blockchain. It’s a new money movement that lets both Clothia and their designers do what they do best: create and sell the latest fashions to customers the world over.

“We’ve gone from dealing with payment issues to delighting our designer partners with a new, fast, and simple payout option.”

— Elena Silenok, CEO, Clothia



Clothia reduces operational costs while better serving designers by: 

  • Providing immediate payouts to designers
  • Initiating all payments in USDC via Circle, streamlining internal processes 
  • Increasing designer satisfaction and retention with an improved payment experience

Designers get fast payments to their wallets where they can:

  • Keep USDC in their wallet or transfer to a local bank
  • Spend USDC via their Visa Card with global acceptance at 70M+ merchant locations
  • Earn rewards of up to 14% per year by locking up USDC into the Crypto Earn product. Find out more here.