Big Time Studios fuels their crypto gaming marketplace with USD Coin (USDC) and Circle infrastructure


A new game studio fuses NFTs and the metaverse

In Big Time Studios’ new AAA blockchain game, Big Time, players are immersed in an action-adventure journey through time and space, battling enemies and collecting exciting in-game items in the form of cosmetic NFTs. But the real innovation lies in the soon-to-be launched Big Time Marketplace, where players will be able to buy and sell these collectibles like physical goods in the real world, maintaining full ownership of their in-game assets. 

Big Time launched their first virtual real estate sale in the form of SPACE NFTs, which enable players to fight game enemies and collect Big Time’s native token. Big Time opted against a token sale, making gameplay the primary means of acquiring it. So far, over a dozen major guilds, including Yield Guild Games, Merit Circle, Loudgg, Neo Tokyo, and Avocado Guild, have purchased $10 million in SPACE NFTs.

Big Time turned to Circle to power their new model and deliver the financial infrastructure to bring NFTs and blockchain gaming together. USDC’s liquidity, ubiquity and stability, along with Circle’s account infrastructure, provide an ideal framework to solidify Big Time’s place in the crypto gaming world. In addition, Circle has made an equity investment in Big Time through our Circle Ventures team that invests in compelling, early-stage blockchain-based projects and companies.


Crypto-native infrastructure for next-gen marketplaces

Circle provides an integrated suite of Payments, Payouts and Accounts APIs that enable players to fund their accounts with debit and credit cards, wire transfers and USDC to participate in the Big Time Marketplace. Regardless of how they’re originated, payments settle efficiently and with less friction. Since going live in November, Big Time has processed more than $80 million in payments and created more than 95,000 wallets for their users through Circle APIs. Due to growing demand, they are also exploring Circle’s Payouts API for faster customer withdrawals.

This places Big Time Studios at the forefront of seismic trends in commerce. As real-world experiences begin to migrate to the metaverse and people spend more time in virtual settings, the demand for peer-to-peer trading is also expected to grow. Big Time is helping to reshape traditional, tightly centralized in-game economies in favor of radically open systems, where players are the driving force behind the vast majority of exchange and value creation. By integrating with Circle APIs and USDC, companies can bridge the gaps that exist between the emerging metaverse and the real world by enabling virtual items from these vibrant, in-game economies to be easily exchangeable for real economic value.

“Many early crypto products required users to jump through a lot of hoops, making them inaccessible to the average gamer. Circle is helping Big Time change that and deliver a true AAA gaming experience that unites crypto with the metaverse.”

– Ari Meilich, Co-founder & CEO of Big Time Studios


* Circle has made an equity investment in Big Time through our Circle Ventures team