Circle Mint Setup Process

You’re almost ready to use your Circle Mint account. Here are your next steps to start sending & receiving USDC.

Your new Circle Mint account is the fastest, easiest way to access the world’s leading dollar digital currency. You’re almost ready to realize the full power of USDC.


Here’s what’s next:


  1. Verify your email address.
    You should receive an email in your inbox.

  2. Continue your application.
    Look for an email from Nova, our onboarding platform, with a link to finish applying. Or log in to your account any time.

  3. Submit your information.
    Follow the prompts after login to upload background documents into Nova. We’ll email you after we review the files and update your application status.

  4. Connect your bank account.
    Once approved, connect your bank account and complete an initial wire transfer.

    Then you’re ready.
    Transfer funds in, send and receive funds on-chain and accelerate your global growth.

    Have questions about your account? We’re here to help.