The new global financial account built on stablecoins

Connect and convert funds from 80+ countries into USD Coin (USDC). Securely store, make and receive on-chain stablecoin payments. And seamlessly enable your customers to pay you with cards and bank transfers, while safely storing value in the fastest growing full-reserve stablecoin in the world.
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Convert & redeem — 1 USDC is always $1

USDC is a regulated stablecoin that is backed by cash and short-term US government treasury bonds, not fractional reserve commercial bank money. With 750M+ in circulation, USDC reserves are governed by the Centre Consortium, and are attested to by global accounting firm, Grant Thornton LLP.

With a Circle Business Account you can

Convert to or redeem USDC using your bank account in 80+ countries
Accept customer payments through credit and debit cards, and bank transfers from 150+ countries, with funds settling in your account as USDC
Send and receive and automate on-chain USDC payments — global payments that settle in minutes, are irreversible, nearly free and highly secure
Safely store USDC with Circle, with digital asset security covered by an industry leading insurance policy

Run your business smarter in today’s high-risk environment

In the “new normal” COVID-19 global economy, every business needs to become more digital and internet-driven.  Stablecoins and blockchains give your internet business cheaper and faster global payments with nearly anyone in the world, with near instant settlement and much lower counterparty risk — USDC transactions are irreversible, like bank wires.

Holding funds in USDC provides your business with a safe haven in uncertain times; USDC reserves are held in cash and short-term US government bonds, not fractional reserve commercial bank money.


Support both legacy and digital currency payment methods

Leverage our Payments and Marketplaces APIs to accept traditional credit and debit card payments from 150+ countries, with funds landing as USDC. Support direct stablecoin payments from customers globally with your Business Account and our Wallets APIs. Accept and make larger payments with bank transfers from 80+ countries.


Leverage the power of programmable money

Unlike traditional banking infrastructure, we give you the power to automate your funds flows, accounts and financial interactions with customers, suppliers and partners. Circle APIs give your developers powerful tools that make using digital money as easy as digital content and data.  Combined with smart contracts, your business can run smarter, and tap a rapidly growing blockchain innovation ecosystem.


Fastest & cheapest on- and off-ramps via bank transfers

For cutting edge crypto-native companies such as trading firms, brokerages, exchanges, blockchain gaming and content, and DeFi lending and payment apps, USDC offers unparalleled speed, quality, liquidity and redeemability, making it the gold standard in digital fiat.

the power of usdc

The fastest growing full-reserve stablecoin in the world

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