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Focus on building killer products and services for your customers that support digital dollars while we take care of operating and securing complex wallet and blockchain infrastructure.
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delete-ondarkThe Problem

Massive changes and increased risks in the global financial system is causing businesses everywhere to seek safety in the US Dollar, and for payment systems that are fast, secure, cheap and eliminate counterparty settlement risk.

Building out accounts, storage and funds routing infrastructure for digital dollars is costly and time consuming.

Maintaining stablecoin wallet infrastructure is expensive and complicated, needing to account for running blockchain nodes, paying gas fees, private key security, hot/cold liquidity management, while complex global compliance rules are impediments to the average internet business jumping into digital dollars and stablecoins.

checkThe Solution

Provide your customers with the benefits of US dollar denominated accounts in 150+ countries. We abstract away the complexities and costs of maintaining digital dollar wallet infrastructure allowing you to focus on building killer products and services for your customers without worrying about scaling, digital asset custody and security.


Wallets API

Marketplaces API

bizacctcircle business account

Open a new digital dollar version of an FBO account to custody and track your users’ funds and access innovations in decentralized finance such as yield protocols and lending markets; borrowing and lending without middlemen and high bank fees.


Businesses that will have one main account for their customer assets and need a lightweight financial account to manage, custody and transfer their own or customer assets in digital dollars.

api-walletsWallets API

Create and manage a digital wallet infrastructure for your customers including seamless transfer of funds across hosted wallets or via on-chain USD Coin (USDC) connectivity.
Stay on top of each wallet’s activity with real time notifications, reporting and transaction history.


Businesses that want to fully own the user experience, and are managing balances and payments flows across many different customer accounts..

api-marketplacesMarketplaces API

Build digital dollar transfers directly into your marketplace flows. Platform operators and participants can use dollar credits or deposit and withdraw USDC on chain to leverage near-instant, global and low cost blockchain infrastructure.
Top up your customers’ wallets in digital dollar credits to pay merchants, contractors, or any supplier within your marketplace, globally from day one.
Provide customer discounts and dollar credits to your customer wallets with funding from your Circle Business Account.


Business looking to focus on building killer products and services for their customers without worrying about scaling, digital asset custody and security.

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