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Blog_w3s-novWe’re excited to introduce the latest features and updates under Circle’s Web3 Services, allowing for further improved experiences for both developers and end-users! This month’s updates include important features like web SDK and server-side SDKs that help developers build faster, reach wider audiences, and create cross-platform, interoperable experiences. Read on to learn more.

Smart Contract Platform update: deprecating Avalanche support

We are deprecating Avalanche support for Smart Contract Platform on Avalanche mainnet and testnet. Deployment, import and function execution will no longer be supported. This decision was made with user experience in mind, and our team is working on exploring ways to improve developer tooling support. We hope to resume Avalanche support for Smart Contract Platform soon.

Build faster, across more platforms

WebSDK for user-controlled wallets

Create a unified experience for your users across mobile and web. Web SDK for user-controlled wallets uses the same underlying infrastructure and MPC cryptographic technology as the mobile SDK to securely handle your users’ wallets and transactions. Similar to the experience on mobile apps, users no longer have to deal with lengthy seed phrases–all they need is a six digit PIN and security questions as a recovery method to be able to transact securely on the blockchain. Leverage the interoperability offered by using both the web and mobile SDKs to easily create streamlined, cohesive, and secure on-chain experiences for your users.


Smart Contract Platform - Templates

Create and deploy customized smart contracts to create unique on-chain experiences, in minutes. Smart Contract Platform now offers a curated and security-audited repository of the most common use-cases for smart contracts that you can customize, including: minting ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens. These popular contracts can be used to create loyalty points, incentivize user engagement, or create unique NFTs like collectibles in gaming.

Developers not only have the ability to create and deploy these customized templates programmatically via APIs–the Developer Console offers a no-code option that those who are unfamiliar with programming can leverage to create these experiences, or mint NFTs, with just a few clicks.





Server-side SDKs

Circle now offers server-side SDKs in Node JS to help you interact with the APIs for Programmable Wallets and Smart Contract Platform–further simplifying building with Web3 Services and accelerating your app’s development time. Leverage this important resource to interact with Circle’s server-side infrastructure more efficiently and minimize the amount of steps you need to go through to set up your environment so that you can reduce the lines of code you need to write to develop your app! Download the SDKs here: 

New API endpoints - Sign message and sign typed data

‘sign message’ and ‘sign typed data’ APIs are a crucial part of today’s Web3 ecosystem. They provide verifications and confirmation messages that help establish ownership of wallets. These newly launched endpoints empower developers to make programmable wallets more powerful and robust by enabling seamless interactions with dApps and smart contracts, and facilitate personalized experiences like token-gated experiences. Leverage these endpoints to integrate with WalletConnect, so that your users can access and interact seamlessly with the most popular dApps.

Deliver better end-user experiences

Transaction signing with Biometrics

Developers building on Programmable Wallets are now able to further streamline Web3 transaction experiences with biometrics signing! With SDKs available for both iOS and Android, developers can build Web2-like experiences that leverage biometric checks like fingerprint or facial scans to ensure the authenticity of a signature, and verify the identity of the signer. In addition to streamlining the end-user experience, this technology offers enhanced enterprise-grade security that users are already accustomed to and trust. Learn more about how you can support biometrics signing in your Web3 apps by viewing the changelog here. image3


Gas Station for developer-controlled wallets

Last month, we announced the launch of Programmable Wallets’ Gas Station feature, enabling apps built with user-controlled wallets to offer gas-less transaction experiences for users. We’re excited to announce that this powerful feature is available for developer-controlled wallets too! Any developer building with Programmable Wallets can now remove friction caused by network fees (gas) from their end-users’ experience by sponsoring their gas fees. Developers don’t need to worry about sourcing native tokens either–all they need is a credit card on file, and Circle will handle the sourcing and transferring of gas fees.

Learn more on how to build with Circle

We’re excited to share a series of learning resources– interactive quickstarts, blogs, and video walkthroughs–that will guide you through creating your first wallets and initiating transactions with Web3 Services:


Build an iOS app that generates Web3 wallets

This video uses Circle’s new sample app for integrating social sign-in functionality with web3 wallet generation to build an iOS app that generates User-Controlled Programmable Wallets during a social sign-in flow.

Choosing a Wallet as an Enterprise Team: Programmable Wallets

Dive into the infrastructure and benefits of Programmable Wallets and learn how to create and manage Web3 wallets as an enterprise developer through Circle’s Web3 Services.



Live workshops

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Programmable Wallets and Smart Contract Platform application programming interfaces (“API”) are offered by Circle Technology Services, LLC (“CTS”). CTS is not a regulated financial services company and the APIs do not include financial, investment, tax, legal, regulatory, accounting, business, or other advice. For additional details, please click here to see the Circle Developer terms of service.

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