Web3 Services December Updates

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Blog_w3s-decWe’re excited to share several updates we’ve launched to help developers build Web3 apps faster and better! Our updates include a step-by-step interactive tutorial to start building with our web SDK, multi-user roles to facilitate building projects as a team, and a new metrics dashboard to understand usage. Read on to learn more about our updates below.

An Important Note

Before we jump into the new projects we’ve launched, we’d like to inform you of Web3 Service’s planned migration from ETH Goerli to ETH Sepolia. In response to the Ethereum Foundation’s deprecation of Ethereum Goerli testnet, Web3 Services will shift support to ETH Sepolia with full feature parity to provide sustained support for the Ethereum testnet:

  • Web3 Services support for ETH Sepolia will be available on January 10th, 2024 (ET)
  • Web3 Services deprecation of ETH Goerli is scheduled for January 31st, 2024 (ET)

New additions

Start building with our web SDK

Developers can start creating web-based wallet experiences with our user-controlled wallets web SDK. Our latest quickstart offers developers a step-by-step learning experience and a comprehensive walkthrough in under two hours. Learn to:

  • Create a user and set up their wallets
  • Enable end users to define their pin and recovery method
  • Receive testnet tokens and check wallet balance
  • Initiate gasless transactions and enable end users to confirm transactions



Build together with role-based access

With the launch of multi-user support, you can now easily co-develop projects with your team. Access the Developer Console to add or remove users or set permissions to define the access level for each user for more control. As an admin, you have full control to define who should be granted the same level of “Admin” access or only require “View-only” access. Learn more about user roles and how to set them up here.




A clear look into usage metrics

With the launch of the API metrics dashboard, you can now see a clearer picture of your project status. This new metrics dashboard in the Developer Console provides a clear view of your API requests to provide further insight into data points and help identify potential issues. With the metrics dashboard, you’ll have a clearer look into:

  • The total number of API requests sent
  • Number of API errors received (either on the client-side or server-side)
  • The latency of API calls
  • Success rate of API calls


Learn to build with Circle



This mini video series walks developers through the full experience of building with developer-controlled Programmable Wallets. Explore how the dashboard streamlines your Web3 development process, offering tools and services for secure wallet creation, transaction monitoring, and more.




Bhushit Agarwal, Senior Software Engineer at Circle, sits down with Circle Director of Community, Sam Sealey, to discuss how he has developed a programmable wallet integration with Mastodon to unlock a decentralized social economy.


Learn how Circle’s Gas Station enables developers to abstract gas fees from their end-users during a blockchain transaction using Programmable Wallets, vastly improving the user’s experience

Live workshops

Follow us on Discord and join us for our live workshops!


Programmable Wallets and Smart Contract Platform application programming interfaces (“API”) are offered by Circle Technology Services, LLC (“CTS”). CTS is not a regulated financial services company and the APIs do not include financial, investment, tax, legal, regulatory, accounting, business, or other advice. For additional details, please click here to see the Circle Developer terms of service.

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