Web3 Services: April 2024 Updates

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Blog_w3s-aprilApril’s updates include powerful tools for builders to streamline app development with Web3 Services, including our new in-console faucet for testnet tokens and React Native SDK for user-controlled wallets. Learn more below.

New additions


New Testnet Faucet for Programmable Wallets

Developers no longer need to jump through hoops to find and request testnet tokens for their apps. Our newly launched Console Faucet works directly with Programmable Wallets to enable developers to test and experiment with funds flows in your wallets. Getting testnet USDC, AVAX, ETH, or MATIC to your wallets only takes a few seconds. Use the Console UI to quickly request testnet tokens, or request programmatically via API.


React Native SDK: Build once, deploy twice

Developers can now build user-controlled wallets with React Native SDK, a framework designed to simplify cross-platform development. Build apps faster with more flexibility and reach a broader set of users across iOS and Android by maintaining a single codebase.


Quickstart: Learn how to deploy wallets and transfer USDC in <15 minutes 

Watch quickstart walkthrough

Learn the basics for Programmable Wallets. Use this step-by-step guide to create wallets based on smart contracts (SCAs) and transfer USDC from one wallet to another without needing to pay for network gas fees.

Try out the quickstart now, or watch a recorded walkthrough.


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